Our team brings years of experience, mastery, and family secrets to every job we complete.

We’re a team of professional painters in Sydney, specialising in residential, commercial, and retail painting. Contact us today for quality service, guaranteed.

Professional Painting & Maintenance Service

Professional Painting & Maintenance Service Sydney

Adding A Stroke Of Genius Into Every Paint Job…

We’re a family-owned painting company that goes back four generations. Our painting and decorating expertise has been revered by various organisations over the years, and we are committed to upholding consistently high standards of workmanship well into the future.

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Our Range of Services​

At Jolevco, we know that every job we take on is unique, and we make sure to apply an incredible level of attention to detail before we even begin to apply the paint.

Residential Painting

Turn your house into a home with Jolevco!
We offer premium residential painting services to the Sydney community, guaranteeing high-end and exceptional results every time.


Commercial Painting

We offer high-quality commercial painting services to Sydney businesses looking to breathe life into their workspaces. We deliver exceptional results, on-time and within budget.

Office Painting

We’ve completed countless office paint jobs for people looking to increase productivity and improve the moods of their workers, providing exceptional results every time.


Retail Painting

Our team works on diverse retail projects ranging from your local Coles and Woolies to high-end luxury boutiques that never fail to impress with their architectural finishes.


Strata Painting

At Jolevco, no job is too big or too small for our team to take on! When it comes to strata painting, we know that each job can range from simple fixes to full-scale projects.

Industrial Painting

We work with commercial and industrial grade products to ensure durability and longevity for the environments.

Quality Painting Services

Why Work With Jolevco?

Our wonderful painters have all the knowledge they need to carry out a wide range of jobs with the very best equipment, promising first-rate results every time.

“ We are committed to upholding consistently high standards of workmanship well into the future. ”

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